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А кулачки-то, те что на первом скрине, прямиком из Doom3!!

В манжетиках :)
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Id Software on games, technology and company
22.02.2008 | 05:25 | André | Source: Krawall Gaming Network
On Thursday promises us something about id Software and its new technology was betrayed Matt Hooper, lead designer at id Software for their new game "Rage".

Matt Hooper comes from the mod community, then worked with a ritual at mission pack for "Quake" and moved six years ago to id as a designer for "Doom 3". Now he is lead designer for the upcoming title "Rage", the prototype for the new engine id Tech 5th He will convey how the new id Tech 5 Engine Project in "Rage" at the borders, but also why id as a company is something special.

Company Structure
For Matt Hooper, id Software as one of the few developers to present the spirit of a "Garangenband" preserves. "You must remember that at that time were just a number of people who had enjoyed fiddling around with technology and their own games to tinker," he recalls. The small, family-run team was always one of the strength of id been and what it especially tied to the company. Only 15 people were working in the core team of "Doom 3" - a very small team compared to other companies. At that time, everyone had the full overview of the project had, it was a real community project. For the new project "Rage" this team has now doubled to 30, which is still quite small. Nevertheless, it was for the people at id quite a switch, since it is no longer any more informed and the Hirarchien could no longer could stay so thin, as in the past. For Hooper, however, the industry id around to even more changes, especially the competition was much tougher. In other companies, there are often a "Hire & Fire" mentality and talented developers are harder to keep other companies because it is this corporate culture is lacking. Here id for him was still on top of another, better way.

The technique
Of course, Hooper knows that id Software especially for their game engines are known. He sees the performance of the company and its technology gurus John Carmack is that you are not simply keeps existing technologies, but actually new developments are concerned. "The technology developed the John Carmack is so different, so progressive that then everyone must rethink how he created content. This ensures amazing progress, but of course, nobody does so easily, in new techniques as possible. Therefore, we must also always be more to offer than others, so that this effort is worthwhile. " New for id Software was incidentally while working with the consoles, as it traditionally more on the PC has evolved.

The Game Development
Considerably less progressive games id is traditionally the gameplay. There continues to be since ancient times straight shooter without a lot of frills. For Hooper, however, is also one of the strengths of his employer. "You always hear when id again, we have a narrow focus to their games. Hooper, I think that some of the best games in this narrowly defined design approach. The games that I prefer games are those that concentrate on a few things and this perfectly implemented, rather than scary to a lot of content into stuff, "he recalls. He also disclosed that ids projects heavily influenced John Carmacks technology. It was, however, nonsense, that the Games as a pure showcase for the new technology would be created. On the contrary, he would like designers often take the technology and then look at what they can do everything. It is quite normal that with its new possibilities and experiment in the game trying to integrate, just something to show that the players have never seen before.

Hooper says further: "I was sitting recently in a talk by Blizzard in which they talked about how many games they have just set because it does not meet their demands. I was someone asked: Does it simply projects, if they are not good enough, as for Blizzard? And I thought: "Yes, of course. We had this internal project with the code name of "Darkness" and we also simply discontinued at some point, because it has become not so, as we have presented. But that is why we will not change who we are. We make action games. Fast and tough action with a very direct feedback. If we vehicles fitted, then we will do so with those in other vehicles reinkrachen, with thick arms from them and send rumzuballern explosions to see and not to a mini-racing game to have it.

At the Mega Texture one must accustom
From the new id tech Hooper 5 is naturally very pleased. He is, however, that for him it was initially difficult to deal with her, either. "In the past we had more designers to 90% control over all the aesthetic aspects of the game. I have since small sketches drawn on which was to see where I have placed lights, where I get a round, smooth surface and wanted to have all of this now is a time only 50:50 and partly, I must take responsibility very in the hands of the artists. That was a big change for me and it takes a moment to get this confidence. Meanwhile, I know how well the process works and how accurate it is. But it took its time. " In "Rage" run production now only so that he as a designer pretending, where the gameplay major sections. For example, he said: "This is the start of the race", but then he should be the level of the hand and his designers can implement.

The central linchpin of the new technology is the so-called "Mega Texture" technology. This is exactly what the word implies: a huge texture, which make up the whole level spans. Instead of individual parts of the levels with little texture tiles to show spans the Tech 5 id such mega Texture of all objects in the levels and their content streams gradually in the memory, while the player through the virtual landscape marches. The advantage of this technique is that you can theoretically no longer on recurring texture tiles fall back, but each pixel of the game world individually. Also, to the memory consumption, the artist must not worry anymore, because the Mega Texture always the same amount of memory and up for weaker systems automatically calculate down. In practice, but it is much too expensive, in fact every level of cane in hand to paint. Therefore, id Software id Tech 5 equal to a whole toolset that allows tiles with texture like to paint with custom brushes in photo shop. Thus, the artist can rapidly over large areas at a grass-Wegtextur or take, and then adjust their margins, so they are perfect in the remaining landscape is transferred. "At key points, the most beautiful, can be especially detailed hand and really to have everything." But even without these expenses can be extremely Level individually, says Hooper. But imagine the possibility id software available, with so-called stamps to work. This makes it possible, for example, cracks on walls and stones to place as they would with a stamp on the object press. Since these stamps are available in the place and size can change, can be quite fast totally different objects, which is still looked completely identical (see Before / After - sample images below).

"We have at the beginning is not properly understood what John as planned and I must confess, I have not bought him that really be so great. But now it's different. I can on a wall just a bump mapping aufstempeln hole, and then even a graphic stamp drüber pack, for example, a Grafiti, which then is exactly the hole with his Bumpmapping adapts. All this without memory concerns. With larger stamps can even change the entire mountains - just as with a single click! "Said Hooper conclusion.
не заметил как рокета долетела до меня
и теперь не квакер я, а по полу размазня
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матерьяльчик про рагу: http://www.cgchannel.com/news/viewfeature.jsp?newsid=6969&pageid=0
скриншотец локации раги: http://media01.cgchannel.com/images/news/6969/06.jpg
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с апдейтом тебя!нью вершн? :)
по скриншоту: вот такими должны были быть подземные корридоры в сталкере...
PS всем кто заглянет: приветище и с "прошедшими"! :)
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[quote author=@tex link=topic=200.msg11051#msg11051 date=1232753664]
PS всем кто заглянет: приветище и с "прошедшими"! :)
И тебе! И тебя! ;D
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