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а так у нас обоих фонг
Какой богатый внутренний мир! Дай-ка посмотрю.....
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Hi Berserker,

I promise you that after finishing my courses of Autocad and Inventor, which ends this month,
I’ll start learning ZBrush and then will do better and anatomically correct hands!
You will see that with ZBrush sculpting techniques and texturing in Mari will have the best possible hands.

As for the shader, Mari offers different types to work with as Phong, Cook Torrance, Beckman, Blinn etc..
For the Blaster gun I chose randomly the Phong shader, because I don’t have much knowledge in them.
But when I tried the Blaster gun in game I didn’t have to tweak the textures as usually when I painted them in Photoshop.
They came in game exactly as seen in Mari which is really convenient when working.
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