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Предупреждение - требуется 1,5Гб видео памяти если вы хотите играть с несжатыми полноразмерными текстурами!
Download HERE
    Raw mouse input and return joystic support (windows only)
    Added models scale for hud (r_hudModelScale cvar)
    Added 3x3 median filter for cinematics
    Added precompiled static lights interactions
    Added custom roughness maps
    Min-Max FPS counter
    Massive normal-specular maps update for hi-poly items
    High quality normal maps for player models
    New HD wide screen levelshots with Pan-Scan croping for 3:4 displays
    Oren-Nayar – GGX lighting for models
    Add new hi-poly ingame weapons (rocket launcher and railgun) by CTPEJIOK22
    Restored left hand gun
Какой богатый внутренний мир! Дай-ка посмотрю.....