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download here...

Its beta 2 update Installed on top of 1.26.8 Before installation: remove soft_oal.dll and baseq2/glsl folder.

Separated fx and music volume
HRTF sound control from menu
Openal resampler quality control (new cvar s_resamplerQuality - 0- low quality, 4- high quality.)
Output sound to speakers, hdmi, spdif etc. From menu
Rebalanced sfx volumes
Fixed mission paks soundtacks
hiDpi scale override
New system font
Rescaled menus, fonts etc for 4k resolution
Blured glass (demo texture for base1 glass)
Diffraction surfaces for alias models
Softeness parallax shadows
New save system like yamagi-kmquake2 or bers@q2
Update id-software photo gallery
Какой богатый внутренний мир! Дай-ка посмотрю.....