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AMD Radeon cards don't work in current time

Use a clean installation. Unzip archive into folder with original game without previous versions of q2xp or other mods. Owners of Creative audio cards can remove openAl32.dll from the game folder. The renderer requires full support for OpenGL 4.5 with GL_ARB_bindless_texture and GL_ARB_texture_storage support.
Whats New? (1.26.9 full changes list)

    New extended save system
    Save shots in save-load game menu
    High DPI scale fix
    HRTF audio mode (openal soft)
    Openal resampler control (openal soft)
    Separate fx and music levels
    Fix music looping
    Fix mission paks music
    Sound outputs for all available system audio devices
    Better hardware info in console
    Russian language support for console and menu messages with utf8 to win1251 conversion
    xBox controller: individual sens and dedzone for left and right sticks
    sRGB color frame buffer for better game gamma-contrast
    Player weapon reflections (md3 only)
    Speedup md3 shadows
    Global fog and in-game fog editor
    3D luts for color grading
    Color temperature control
    Sub surface scatering lighting for md3 meshes
    Rework ejection of cartridges (new models)
    Update and cleanup FXAA code
    Cubemap skyboxes
    Bindless textures (AZDO rendering tech)
    Better md3 lighting, fixed md3 degenerate triangles lighting (crappy tbn)
    New screen flash effect
    New memory manager (thx to Berserker)
    Rescaled menus, fonts etc for 4k resolution
    Blurred glass surfaces
    Diffraction surfaces for alias models
    Softeness parallax shadows

More engine fixes etc....
Какой богатый внутренний мир! Дай-ка посмотрю.....
1920 posts
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Апдейт который много что правит тут
Какой богатый внутренний мир! Дай-ка посмотрю.....