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I don't speak Russian, but maybe someone here knows English :)

Is anyone working on relighting/retexturing the official mission packs, Ground Zero (Rogue) and The Reckoning (Xatrix)? I'd be happy to work on them if no one is, or at least help out. Relight.doc is hard to understand, so if anyone knows a little English, perhaps they could tell me what tools I need and how to do it.
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Maybe someone will help you.
Did anyone translate documents into english.
I could help, but my knowledge of english is not enough(
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interesting. i think Jim can help you. in this topic we are usually/occasionally post relight solutions.for first - download relight editor script and use it as mod. if anything good/wrong with it - post here or to me ;)
link commandline set r_editor 1 +map mapname +exec editor.eds +helpsplash

PS i will help you anyway, but now busy a lot. you know the drill, i think..........
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